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9 January 2016
L. Hervieu Paléographie

Greeting card paleographic 2016

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Greeting card paleographic 2016 ...

... like the royal notaries of the tip of the Hague (Normandy) in the middle of the 17th century, Jean Millet and Jacques le Berger.

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Vœux paléographiques 2016 - Greeting card paleographic 2016 - Paléographie Laurence Hervieu.
Modèle : écriture du registre 5E14947 conservé aux archives départementales de la Manche.
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Credits: graphics and design Paléographie Laurence Hervieu.

To practice reading this writing dated 1657 and see my transcript, find the interactive version of my card in the article (in french) Vœux paléographiques interactifs 2016.
The text in the image is difficult to translate into English (I would need knowledge in Old English that I did not have) but here is my attempt for a rough translation :

The last day of December 2015.
I, the undersigned Laurence Hervieu, paleography, present my wishes for this year 2000 and 16
be nice to you at no any troubles.

Translation coming, thank you for your understanding.

Contact, quote request for a Paleography lessons, a transcription of ancient manuscripts, an internship, training, at the request of associations, works council, local authorities (in french) : Laurence Hervieu.


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